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OWL CALL (#200)

Acrylic Owl Call Makes Excellent Renditions of the Barred Owl.
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CROW CALL (#201)

Plastic Crow Call Excellent for calling Crows or Locating that Gobbler during mid day.
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80 Minute CD Audio of Wild Turkeys in the Spring. This Audio was Captured and Produced by Jason Bonnette. It consists of three tracks:

Trax one - The Cove - There are over 70 hens and young gobblers waking up all at once on a crisp cool February morning. There is one lone gobbler roosted only 50 yards to your right. Hold on to your hat when he flies down and lands 12 steps away. Listen carefully to hear him spitting and drumming.

Trax two - Pasture Roost - A flock of around 20 turkeys including 3 gobblers are roosted around a cow pasture. The most vocal gobbler is roosted to your right. Listen to the difference in sound when he flies down into the pasture and gobbles. This turkey will walk and gobble within 6 feet of the microphone at one point.

Trax three - Noisy Hens - Some of the most incredible hen yelping you will ever hear. There are about 12 of hens with 2 of them roosted directly overhead. You will hear these 2 hens yelp with as many as 25 yelps in a series. There are 3 gobblers that gobble and strut within 10 feet of the microphone.

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