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These tubes make excellent yelps and clucks but are noted for the tremendous gobbling capability. The larger chamber allows for greater more realistic gobbles. Models are currently available in Cedar, Poplar, Sassafras and Walnut woods. Tube comes with 2 extra replacement reeds. Price: $29.95 each Plus shipping.

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Tube Call Instructions

The Fowler Gobble Tube is a super hen call as well as an excellent gobble call. It has been requested that I list some instructions for using the tube, so here goes:

For hen or gobbler yelps begin with the tube latex up and the lower lip rest down. Next place your lower lip along the bottom edge of the reed and your upper lip slightly over the top of the call. Pucker slightly and "huff" the words "che" "oke" with slightly more lip pressure on the first note. Keep the notes separate until you can get two distinct sounds. After you master the two distinct notes, begin running the notes together getting faster and faster until it sounds like one note---"chuck" "chuck" "chuck". Once you have mastered the yelp you should now be able to make the notes necessary to gobble. With the call positioned the same as the yelp, begin by saying the notes "ticka" "ticka" "tooka" "tooka" "tooka" "tooka" "tooka" "tooka" with more emphasis placed on the first note and less as you move to the end. That is, the first notes should be louder in volume and less as you complete the series. Each note should be separate with no slurring of notes. (Practice)

With a little practice you can even cluck, purr and kee kee. To cluck, flip your tongue forward with a short burst of pressure, to purr, flutter your tongue against the roof of your mouth letting air flutter across the latex reed. To kee kee press the lower lip more against the reed with more and more pressure on each note.

With this, the only additional instructions are to: Practice, Practice and Practice. Good Luck and Safe Hunting.

Walnut Tube

Walnut Tube (#302)

Sassafras Tube

Sassafras Tube (#304)

Extra Reeds and Oring

3 Extra Reeds (#702)

3 Extra Reeds and 1 O'ring(#703)

Exercise extreme caution when using this call
Gobblers may provoke attack as well as other hunters!!!

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