Whitetail Hunting

Deer hunting has been a sport I began at an early age of 12 when I killed my first buck. This seemed early in my days but today I have introduced my sons to deer hunting at the early age of 7 and 8. My oldest son harvested his first deer at 11 and my youngest son harvested his first at 8. I began hunting in the old days as a buck only and "freezer" hunter. As the years went by I have slowly progressed into a trophy hunter which means the selective harvest of bucks and the harvesting of does for the freezer. I am currently in two hunting clubs of which both are quality managed. We have a free understanding of the trophy rules and don't prohibit certain individuals such as kids from harvesting smaller bucks. We have managed one club for six years and watched the doe to buck ratio fall from 6:1 to 2:1. We haven't seen a tremendous increase in antler size but we have seen a tremendous increase in the quantity of bucks. Below are a few photos of deer my sons, wife, and I have taken. I hope in the following months to create a few pages on quality deer management.

Heath's first
My youngest son Heath with his first Doe.
Chase's first
My oldest son Chase with his first Buck.
Page's first
My wife with her first Buck - 10 pointer!
Chase's best 1999
My oldest son Chase with his best Buck - 1999.
Best Archery Buck
My best Archery Buck (Field dressed 186 pounds)
1995 Buck
Nice buck from 1995


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