Hi, My name is Derek Fowler. Thanks for visiting Fowler Outdoors! If you're a hunter or outdoorsman, I think there will be something here that might just interest you. If you're looking for Turkey Call Strikers you have found the right place. I have continued the business Dad created when he started Harold's Custom Strikers. You will also find stories of my hunts as well as DVD videos capturing those hunts. While my site may not have all the bells and whistles, it has always been created entirely by me. If you see something that needs improving please drop me a line and let me know. I'm always looking for ways to improve it!

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New - 2022 Turkey Season DVD

Below are some of my YouTube videos

Most Dangerous Game!!!!


Strutting and Gobbling Hen

Tough Decoys!

15 Pt Buck from 2011

Snort Sniff Wheez

First 2014 Gobbler


Whitetail 10 Point 2009

Whitetail 8 Point 2009

Dad's First 2014 Gobbler

How to Clean a Squirrel

Pass It On


New Updated - All the Shots

Deer Hunting 2019

Henrietta meets Mad Hen

Opening Week Turkey 2020

Turkey 2020 Bow Miss

Derek's Second Georgia Gobbler 2020

Turkey Hunting 2021 Bowkill

First Goulds Turkey Mexico Hunt 2021

Second Goulds Turkey Mexico Hunt 2021

Last Morning Hunt in Mexico 2021

Opening Day 2022 Chase's Gobbler

First Gobbler 2022

Calling the Hen 2022

Last updated - 10/15/2022