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The List below are all wood possibilities that my Dad was originally making. I still have some of these available from my Dad's Inventory and many others available from what I have started making. Please use the PayPal buttons at the bottom of the page to find your Striker wood selection. If you would like one of Dad's strikers specifically, make sure it is available before you order. I will try to update the status of his inventory until it is depleted as much as possible. It would be suggested that you first contact me by email or phone to verify the availability but here is a link to what is currently available for both our inventories "INVENTORY". I have added a column on the inventory list showing the current woods for the tops of those two piece strikers. Please add notes to your order if you would desire a specific top. My strikers will be very similar to my Dad's with a change made to the ring pattern. I will continue to build on this inventory but do not plan to take orders for various conbinations at this time. I currently have about 300 various strikers from Dad's inventory and I have made about 200. Once I get a stock built with all basic striker woods, I will be glad to take orders for any conbinations or specifics. Thanks for your patience!

Below is the list of all woods and prices for the Two-Piece Strikers. Please go to this link for "One-Piece Strikers". (2/11/2020)

If you have any trouble with the checkout and shipping for your order just send me an email with the items you wish to purchase and I'll create an invoice and send you. Please provide an email address or phone you can be reached at. My contact info is: or 478-278-9959
Fowler Two Piece Woods
[D] Domestic                 [E] - Exotic
African Blackwood [E] $20.00 Dymalux [E] $25.00 Maple (Curly) [E] $20.00 Rosewood (Milo) [E] $20.00
Alder [D] $20.00 Dymond Ply [E] $25.00 Maple (Hard) [E] $20.00 Rosewood (Panama) [E] $20.00
Almond (Tropical) [E] $20.00 Ebony (Brown) [E] $25.00 Marble Wood [E] $20.00 Rosewood (Para) [E] $20.00
Apitong [E] $20.00 Ebony (Gaban) [E] $20.00 Meranti [E] $20.00 Rosewood (Patagonian) [E] $20.00
Ash [D] $20.00 Ebony (Macassar)[E] $20.00 Mesquite [E] $20.00 Rosewood (Payung) [E] $20.00
Beech [D] $20.00 Elm [D] $20.00 Mopane [E] $20.00 Rosewood (Tiete) [E] $20.00
Beefwood [E] $20.00 Goncalo Alves [E] $20.00 Myrtle Wood [E] $20.00 Rosewood (Yucatan) [E] $20.00
Black Limba [E] $20.00 Grandadillo [E] $20.00 Narra(Red) [E] $20.00 Sapele [E] $20.00
Black Locust [D] $20.00 Green Heart [E] $20.00 Osage Orange [E] $20.00 Shedua [E] $20.00
Black Palm [E] $20.00 Guarea [E] $20.00 Padauk [E] $20.00 Sparkleberry [D] $20.00
Bloodwood [E] $20.00 Gum Red [D] $20.00 Pau Ferro [E] $20.00 Sycamore [D] $20.00
Bocote [E] $20.00 Heart Pine [D] $20.00 Pernambucco [E] $20.00 Snakewood Tip (Some Figure) [E] $20.00
Brazillian Chestnut(Red) [E] $20.00 Hickory [D] $20.00 Persimmon [D] $20.00 Snakewood Tip (Excellent Figure)[E] $35.00
Brown Heart [E] $20.00 Honey Locust [D] $20.00 Pheasant Wood [E] $20.00 Snakewood Stem (Some Figure)[E] $25.00
Bubinga [E] $20.00 Ipe [E] $20.00 Photenia [D] $20.00 Snakewood Stem (Excellent Figure)[E] $45.00
Bullet Wood [E] $20.00 Jatoba [E] $20.00 Pink Ivory [E] $20.00 Tambootie [E] $20.00
Burmese Blackwood [E] $25.00 Katalox [E] $20.00 Purple Heart [E] $20.00 Tulipwood (Some Figure) [E] $20.00
Camel Thorn (Tip Only) [E] $20.00 Kingwood (Brazil)[E] $20.00 Quebracho [E] $25.00 Tulipwood (Excellent Figure) [E] $25.00
Camel Thorn (Whole Stem)[E] $25.00 Knobhorn [E] $20.00 Rhodesian Teakwood [E] $20.00 Walnut [D] $20.00
Canarywood [E] $20.00 Koa [E] $20.00 Rosewood (Amazon) [E] $20.00 Wawabima [E] $20.00
Chakte-kok [E] $20.00 Lacewood [E] $20.00 Rosewood (Bolivian) [E] $20.00 Wenge [E] $20.00
Chakte-viga [E] $20.00 Leadwood [E] $20.00 Rosewood (Burmese) [E] $20.00 Yellow Heart [E] $20.00
Chechen [E] $20.00 Live Oak [D] $20.00 Rosewood (Cloverleaf) [E] $20.00 Yew [E] $20.00
Chico Zapote [E] $20.00 Mahogany [E] $20.00 Rosewood (East India) [E] $20.00 Zebrawood [E] $20.00
Cocobolo [E] $20.00 Manchichi [E] $20.00 Rosewood (Guyana) [E] $20.00 Ziracote [E] $20.00
Cumaru [E] $20.00 Mango [E] $20.00 Rosewood (Honduran) [E] $20.00
Desert Ironwood [E] $25.00 Maple (Ambrosia) [E] $20.00 Rosewood(Madagascar) [E] $20.00
Dogwood [D] $20.00 Maple (Birdseye) [E] $20.00 Rosewood (Malaysian) [E] $20.00
Code - $15 Code - $25 Code - $40 Code - $50
Code - $20 Code - $35 Code - $45

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